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MSCO seeks to provide resources to help oncologists treat their patients. The following are some of the latest resources.  

ASK2ME - All The Syndromes Known to Man - Risk Evaluator               With the ASK2Me risk evaluator you can calculate the risk of cancers associated with gene mutations. Enter the age, the gene with a deleterious mutation, prior cancer history, and any prophylactic surgery. The results will best approximate the risk the Hughes Lab (MGH) and the Bayes Mendel Lab (Dana Farber) have found in the literature.

NCCN - Radiation Therapy Compendium                                                                                  To support clinical decision-making around the use of radiation therapy in patients with cancer, the Nathaional Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) launched the NCCN Radiation Therapy Compendium. The Compendium provides guidance on all radiation therapy modalities recommended within the NCCN guidelines.

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